At Te Puke Jewellers in the manufacturing and repairs of jewellery we are continually looking and investing in technology to assist us in the speed and quality of our workmanship. Our last acquisition 3 years ago from Germany was a welder called the PUK 2, this is a precision welder based on 'micro plasma impulse welding'. This machine gave us far more scope and precision in our work, where once we soldered with high heat and metal solders in a multi-step process, the PUK 2 is a one or two step process a cleaner and more precise way for manufacture and repair.

The company in Germany has recently released an even higher specked PUK 3 which we are keen to purchase in the near future. We also have available from one of our very talented associates the ability to turn one of your designs or ours into a computer generated wax and casting with Te Puke Jewellers providing the finishing touches.