Maori Symbols, Designs and their Basic Meanings

Koru (spiral); the Koru depicts new beginnings, growth and harmony, taken from the symbolism of a unfurled fern leaf.

Hei Matua (Fish Hook); the Maori symbol known as the fish hook symbolizes prosperity. The Hei Matau also represents strength, determination, and good health, as well as providing safe journey over water.

Single Twist the Moari symbol for the single twist represents the path of life, it is the eternity symbol. The single figure 8 represents the joining togetherof two people, although people move away, their journey of life will have their paths cross again.

Double and Triple Twist the Maori symbol for joining together of two people, or two cultures for eternity and even though they may experience life's ups and downs they remain bonded by friendship and loyalty for life.

Mania the Mania is known as the spiritual guardian, the carrier of supernatural powers. Likened to a bird sitting on one's shoulder, looking after one's spirit, and guiding your spirit where it is supposed to go when the time comes.

Hei Tiki the Maori symbol for good luck and also fertility. The Tiki is a talisman to the Maori people, and has been a good luck charm from ancient times. The Maori people believe the Tiki represents the unborn human embryo. The most valuable Tikis were carved from Greenstone and handed down through the generations as a treasured possession.

Circle or Disc the circle of life which is the path or life ever ongoing, with no beginning and no end.

Drop indicates emotional strength, independence, unity and pride. Often called a comfort stone.

Heart indicates emotional balance, love, generosity and compassion.

Adze signifies determination, control, strength and focus.

Teardrop signifies healing and comfort, positive energy and reassurance.

Dolphin a free spirit.